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We inspect the object and its documentation
We calculate the estimate of the work and provide a commercial proposal
We create a calendar schedule for the execution of works
We carry out the work
Aukštalipių Paslaugos dokumentacija

The property and documentation

1 Step

The first step involves inspecting the property, analyzing its documentation, and assessing its value. At this stage, we gather all valuable information, meticulously assess the condition of the property, listen to the client’s expectations, and present our capabilities. This helps to clearly understand potential challenges and later smoothly carry out the work and implement the project.

2 Step

After evaluating the property, we move on to the second stage – estimating the costs and submitting a commercial proposal. We consider all possible works, determine the material requirements, costs, and provide a detailed commercial proposal with an estimate. The client will clearly see what works are planned and what budget is projected.

Aukštalipiai Sąmatas

Estimate and commercial proposal


Work schedule

3 Step

In the third stage, we arrange the work schedule and provide the client with the anticipated completion date. This allows both us and the client to plan our time effectively, have a precise understanding of the work progress, and fulfill commitments smoothly.

4 step

The final step is the implementation of the work. Our selected team executes the tasks meticulously, ensuring high quality and adherence to deadlines. This is the most crucial stage where we aim for the best results.

Aukštalipiai darbų vykdymas

Implementation of the work

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